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Dear readers,

Welcome to the first issue of the Oxonian Globalist, Oxford’s new magazine about international affairs and culture, produced and written by students at the University of Oxford.
The Oxonian Globalist is a part of Global21, an international network of student foreign affairs magazines spanning five continents with chapters at Yale, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Beijing, Jerusalem, Mexico, Sydney, Istanbul and many others. We aim to provide a forum for innovative, insightful, investigative student journalism about issues and happenings from all around the world. Global21 reaches over 300, 000 students across the world and has been described by Thomas Friedman as “a student-run version of the Economist”.
The Oxonian Globalist hopes to draw upon the incredible diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of the student body at Oxford University. Our first issue is devoted to questioning the importance of borders in a shrinking world – on the one hand, borders between countries, people, cultures and languages seem to be dissolving and losing their relevance in the face of the mobility of both individuals and information that globalisation has caused. On the other hand, borders may begin to matter more than ever in the 21st century by defining the rights of individuals and states to access land and natural resources in the face of global warming, demographic change and ever-increasing demand for scarce resources.
We hope that the Oxonian Globalist gives you, above all, a new perspective on what’s happening in our world. We would love to hear your ideas and comments to our articles – please email us at editor@toglobalist.org.
Happy exploring, and thank you,

Masuma Ahuja, Managing Editor

Jemima Peppel-Srebrny, Editor-in-Chief

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The Oxford Globalist

The Oxford Globalist is Oxford University's current affairs and international relations magazine. It joins 11 chapters of the Globalist across the world.

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